Making Food Replicas on Your Own

Fake Food Dishes

Once you have laid your eyes on the fake food display then it becomes quite hard to look at the real food in the same way again. A sense of disbelief engulfs you when you come across a perfect dish in a restaurant. Beauty of food replica must be appreciated in every given occasion. In most occasions, food replicas are made from wax. Due to use of wax, it holds a translucent appearance.

In order to learn the art of making replica food, you can enroll yourself in a workshop. These food replicas are commonly found in the street restaurants of Japan. In the beginning, instructor in the workshop may land the white wax which is in 40° C quite easily. Puddles are generally made from the wax.

These puddles are made larger with the help from a ladle for the creation of replica food. Colors can be mixed in the wax during this time. More amount of stretching can be seen from the wax as it is still warm. The wax can be placed slowly in front of the water for desired result.

If you like to make lettuce from the wax sheet then it must be folded like frills. In this fashion, the center of the lettuce can be created. Swift touch from the hand is required for the making of food replicas. Green wax frills can be made in order to wrap it around the core. It must be placed from the left hand side to the right hand side for an incredible appearance. An appearance of a lettuce that is cut from the middle can be obtained in due course.

In the similar fashion, shrimp, pumpkin and eggplant can be made with the wax. Coating for the tempura can be made by dropping the wax from an elevated location. Later on, it can be cooled down for an interesting look.

Journey from Wax

In the classic form, sampuru is made from wax. However, things have changed to some extent in recent years. Food replicas are generally used in the restaurant as a display food. Customers are attracted towards the restaurant in due course. Utilization of fake food has been going on for more than centuries in Japan. However, it has reached to the foreign shores in recent times. Previously, use of paraffin is observed for artificial food. Technological improvement has been noticed with the wax in later years. However, few issues are seen observed till now. Due to drawbacks of paraffin, use of plastic has started instead of wax.

Excessive sunlight causes massive effect on the food replica. Melting effect can be seen from the wax in the process. Therefore, a switch has become necessary. By using the kits, fake food can be made in the home. If you have an interest on the issue then the kit can be bought from the market. In case you do not like to go through the hassle then it can be bought from a reputed and trusted manufacturer in the market as well.