History of the Royal Ascot

In both history and heritage, it is quite hard to find a sporting event that can be equated with the Royal Ascot Horse Racing. For the last 300 years, races are arranged. Therefore, it has become an institution in the eyes of entire nation. It is not possible to complete the social calendar without inclusion of this event. The racing has been held on the third week in the month of June.
Queen Anne is the founder of Ascot Racecourse. She has been a regular visitor of this racecourse. Gallop of full stretch nature can be experienced in this location.

First Race

For the first time, horse race has been scheduled at Ascot on 11th August, 1711. It has been held on a Saturday. At the introductory race, winner has been awarded “Her Majesty’s Plate”. The worth of this trophy can be calculated at 100 guineas. Horse within the age of six can take part in this race without any inhibition about the gender. Upon the horse, a weight equals to 12 stones have been entrusted. Instead of thoroughbreds, English Hunters are used for the race.

The race is not continued in similar manner at Ascot now-a-days. Previously, three heats of separate nature have been included in the race. Path for the race has been about four miles. Huge amount of stamina is required from the horse to complete the race without much hassle. In spite of documents of first race at Ascot, there is not any record of the first winner.

Makers of the Racecourse

William Lowen is known as the creator of Ascot Racecourse. On the occasion, he has been supported by a team of painter, carpenter and administrator. However, building has been developed with the assistance from a local builder in 1794. It is possible to offer a seat to 1650 people within the building. The building has been upheld for the next 50 years.

Royal Ascot

Over the time, nature of the Royal Ascot Horse Racing has altered on several occasions. In the beginning, it has been an event for four days. The format has been seen in the year 1978. However, the appearance of the event has started to evolve with the Gold Cup that has been held in 1807. Royal Ascot has been the solitary location for horse racing till the year 1939.

Third day of the race which also features Gold Cup has been known as the busiest days. It is also remembered as the “Ladies Day”. To win the Gold Cup for the fourth time consecutively, Johnny Murtagh has used Yeats. It can be considered as a great achievement. Similar performance may not be seen in the years to come.

Some Highlights of Royal Ascot Horse Racing in Recent Times

The race course has been opened once again in the year 2006. Remarkable victory of Yeats from 2009 is still fresh in the mind of viewers. In the year 2011, the Ascot racecourse has celebrated their tercentenary with grandeur. It has also marked the start of QIPCO British Champions Day. Top four horses in the world ranking have run in the same race at Ascot. Similar instance cannot be claimed by any other racecourse.

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Regardless of your preference, you know it’s summer when the Ascot is the talk of the town!